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    To become a member of Maxpay.ltd you need first to open a free account. It's quite easy and doesn't take much time, but you will get an opportunity to become an investor and earn profit. For that you must complete the registration process.

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    To make a deposit, log into your duranprofits.com's account using your login and password. Choose "Make Deposit" section, select an investment plan most appropriate for you, decide what amount to invest and what term to choose. Select the required electronic payment system (so-called EPS).

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    All accruals of profit are done automatically and in accordance with chosen investment plan. Depending on the amount of your deposit and the term of chosen investment period, you will receive guaranteed income after a certain period of time.

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    Log into the account, then select the "Withdraw" section. Type an amount, which you want to withdraw, choose payment system and click "Withdraw" button. Congratulations, your payment has reached your wallet !

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